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Updated: Jul. 07 (05:07)

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July 07, 2020
Updated On: Feb 12, 2014


Brothers and Sisters:

The purpose of this communication is to reiterate the message that has been communicated to the members at our regular Union meetings. The following is a brief outline of our negotiation process and the current status of our negotiations with Duke Energy here in Florida.

  • The parties have been negotiating on a regular and continuous basis since October 15, 2013.

  • Duke Energy has notified the Union they are going to terminate our contract on February 3, 2014 at 23:59.

  • The parties continue to work at a steady pace with forward movement.

  • The Union and the Company have committed to work continuously to conclude our negotiations in a productive manner.

  • The Union and the Company have the option to mutually extend the February 3rd deadline in the event the parties need additional time to conclude negotiations.

The Union is committed to continuing to bargain in good faith with the objective of obtaining a contract that can be recommended to our members for ratification. When our negotiations process has concluded, your Union Negotiation Committee will either recommend or not recommend the contract to our members. Special meetings will be called by your Local Union President where copies of the proposed contract will be made available and a contract vote will be held in a timely manner.

I will be posting more frequent updates in the days to come. It is important you get your information from the Union Negotiation Committee and NOT representatives of Duke. Your Union Representatives will provide you with truthful and accurate information. Any information from any other source is not reliable and should not be relied upon in any manner. Please be sure to follow our updates on the website.

Please remain focused on your job and continue to work in a safe and professional manner. Our professionalism is what separates us from the non-union transient contractor workforce. Please watch out for your fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Ed Mobsby

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