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Updated: Dec. 17 (10:03)

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December 17, 2018
United Way Campaign
Updated On: Aug 29, 2013

United Way Campaign

Brothers and Sisters;

I would like to take this opportunity to speak to you about the “United Way Campaign” currently underway at Duke Energy here in Florida. The United Way is an organization that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has strongly supported over the years. The United Way is a Non-Profit charity organization that is recognized for their active roles in our communities.

The new Duke Company here in Florida has asked the Union leadership to communicate the benefits of donating money to the various United Way charities with the advantage of the Company match to the employee donations. Duke Energy is donating fifty (50) cents for every dollar our employees donate to the United Way when utilizing the Company web site and program. The Company has constructed a link on the Company’s web site which will direct the employees through the process of selecting their preferences for the specific charities of their choice as well as the amount of money the employee wishes to donate, along with the preference as to how the donations will be made by the employee.

I would like to express the importance of all of us participating in some way in this United Way fund-raising effort. Those of us that have been blessed with decent wages and benefits should not only be thankful for those blessings, but should also extend our hands to those that are less fortunate. Donating through the United Way is an excellent way to give back to our communities while the Company offers a generous match to our donations on our behalf. I highly recommend everyone’s participation in this worthy cause. Please log-in and sign up through the Company web site and continue to support our local communities.

Sincerely yours in Brotherhood,

Ed Mobsby

Business Manager, IBEW

System Council U8

IBEW System Council U8
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