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Updated: Dec. 17 (10:03)

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December 17, 2018
Company Proposals
Updated On: Oct 02, 2013

“The new DUKE Company is attempting to take away the benefits that our former Brothers and Sisters have gained for us over the past 70 years.” Ed Mobsby

Brothers and Sisters,

Attached you will find two PDF files. One file contains the Union's proposals and the other file contains the proposals the DUKE Company presented to the Union on Monday, September 30, 2013. The parties will begin negotiations on October 15, 2013. Please review the Company proposals and you will begin to understand the significant changes that Duke Energy has brought to the negotiation table. There are some positive proposals presented by the Company, however, there are huge take-aways regarding our benefits, including reduced sick pay for employees, elimination of retiree health and life insurance, elimination of spouse benefits and restrictions on Holiday benefits. The Company also proposes freezing the wages of our R&D personnel. The new DUKE Company is attempting to take away the benefits that our former Brothers and Sisters have gained for us over the past 70 years. The Union proposals are fair to the Company and contain language which protects the benefits and rights of our Union members.

The Union is tasked with representing all of our members and retirees (past and future), while looking to the future as we represent the next generation of members yet to be hired. We must continue to represent our current and future employees with the same passion and conviction that our past members did for us. We must stand together and fight for what we have earned. We should not accept the corporate doublespeak that “reduced benefits and wages are the industry standards based on the bench marking in today’s environment”.

Please read these Company and Union proposals carefully and attend your local Union meetings to get the most up to date negotiation information from your Local Union officers, who are at the negotiation table representing you. Do NOT listen to the rumors you hear from the Company representatives who do NOT have your best interests in mind. Also, avoid those that would attempt to destroy our organization from within our ranks. They are not worthy of your time or consideration and have no credibility. They are not loyal to our great IBEW Union and are devoid of principle and destitute of honor. Please remember that great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, but small minds discuss people.

Please work safely and look out for your fellow Brothers and Sisters.

Yours in Solidarity,

Ed Mobsby

IBEW System Council U8
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